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10 ways we can fight for animal rights every single day

The most important thing you can do to help animals is not to eat meat or, better yet, any animal products. It is essential for parents to be honest with their children and to tell them how burgers and salami are made. It is often the case that teenagers resent their parents for not telling them the truth about the origin of their food but have had to find out, unpleasantly, themselves.

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A comfortable cage is still a cage

We usually hear animal rights activists speak on behalf of animals because animals cannot speak human languages, BUT … For the first time in history, animals themselves are fighting for their rights in a human court. In the story, The Turtle Who Fights For Animal Rights, animals come up with firm arguments and very respectable witnesses to support them such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Leo Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, and George Bernard Shaw (to name a few).

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How can vegan books teach kids to be kind?

Adults usually give children lessons on how to be kind and how to treat living creatures. It is expected of adults to be wiser and set an example for children by their own behavior. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Animal cruelty laws rule the adult world, so sometimes children are there to teach them true values instead. In the story ‘The Doctor Donkey’, the child teaches the adults how to treat animals kindly.

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How can vegan picture books encourage kids to eat fruits and vegetables?

We don’t need to make up fictional vegan superheroes when we have plenty of animals that show us how it is possible to be super healthy, extremely strong and amazingly fast just by eating plant-based food. 
I’m afraid it won’t help much if we just give kids a lecture on nutrition. I think that young children can learn more from a monkey or an elephant in a story than from an adult telling them to ‘eat your veggies!’ ☺

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You just don’t eat someone you love

One creative way to promote the vegan belief that animals should be treated as friends, not as food, are picture books that encourage empathy and respect towards all living beings. One of them, written in a witty way, is An Unordinary Lion about a scary predator who decides to get out of the cruel food chain that he was part of.

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