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Epidaurus – The Most Acoustic Theater

We have visited many ancient theatres (like those in Taormina and Syracuse, Italy) but the theatre in Epidaurus was really one that stood out for us. This ancient theatre has the best natural acoustics in the world. This means that you can drop a coin or tear paper on the stage and the spectators seated in the last row will be able to hear those sounds, without a microphone or speakers!

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Seven days in Athens with kids

What to say about Athens that was not already said? We have been everywhere, from museums to squares, beautiful parks and botanical gardens, churches, and all other historic buildings, and the local police station as well. While I was wandering around, with my head in clouds, someone skillful took my wallet (with 180 EUR and almost all documents), so that was an opportunity for visiting local police which, fortunately, is not far from Acropolis.

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Hydra: an ideal island for depressed people

Hydra is a small Greek island just 2 hours away from Athens and is an ideal weekend getaway or a one-day destination. When I say that it is an ‘ideal one-day destination’ it doesn’t mean that it is boring, it just means that it is pretty expensive. Actually, it is an ideal ‘lifelong destination’. Leonard Cohen, Mick Jagger, Henry Miller and many other rich and famous fell in love with Hydra and bought houses here.

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In Delphi, we found out who will win the football World Cup!

We visited the most popular Greek oracle in Delphi to find out who will win the world cup. In the ancient world, prophecies were very popular. The most prominent prophecy happened in Delphi at the Temple of the God Apollo, located on the slopes of the Parnas Mountains in Central Greece. It was worth the 2.5-hour drive from Athens, not only to see the ruins but to get some important answers.

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Lefkada – 100 shades of blue

It is much easier to get to Lefkada than to most other Greek islands because it is connected by a floating bridge with Akarnia. This Ionian island has a few of the most amazing beaches we have ever seen. Porto Katsiki beach is rated one of the most beautiful in Greece and among the top 10 in the world. People call it the ‘Maldives of Europe’.

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