During one long rainy day, we realized that children will not just sit down, read books or play chess for hours. They would rather do something wild. So we decided to bring some sporting spirit to the house and turn the entire apartment into a polygon where children could climb, jump, rock, hang. We set up several devices for climbing and exercising and add some imagination to the whole ambiance.

Gymnastics rings

Children are happy to swing, to swirl, hang and imitate bats on this gymnastic rings. Exercise on the rings is usually physically very demanding, requiring a lot of strength, mobility, endurance, and coordination. After a few months of training, our bat-kids had strong hands to help us carry the garbage.


Wooden Ladder

In the middle of the room, we put wood ladders leading children to the clouds. Well, our children wouldn’t climb just like that. They need some motivation in the form of stories. So I make up several motivation stories. In one story, these ladders are a magical peasant climbing up to the clouds. They need to climb at the top and tell us what they see up there. For the second time, they are firefighters climbing to save the cat from the roof or turn off the fire.

Wooden triangles

Swirling by triangles is very demanding. We pretend that they are squirrels and that triangle is their tree-home. At the top of the triangle, we placed the cup filled with the «reward» for those who rush to the top. The reward could be hazelnuts, carrots or apples. Squirrels all eat. Triangles can also serve as a swing. Climbing triangles are excellent for improving balance and coordination.

Underneath we have set the mats in case our children forget they cannot fly. But… It’s good to fall. One respectable neuroscientist noticed that today’s children are over-protected, so they don’t know how to slip and they mostly fall like boards.


In the living room, we set up a swing where overtired children can sleep well. Between two chairs we set up the rocking bridge, and the down was a bar full of crocodiles. Children quickly realized that the crocodiles would not eat them. Walking on this kind of bridge is excellent for balancing, coordination and facing the fears (from crocodiles).

We are fortunate to know the carpenter who made this polygon according to our ideas. You can also quickly order on Amazon these very simple and practical devices or already arranged indoor playgrounds that do not take up a lot of space in the room. Of course, these devices can not replace the outdoor life but are a great complement to nature’s activities.

Neuroscientists emphasize the connection between brain development and movements in early childhood. The researchers show that different body motions stimulate the formation of neurons, which is vital for learning and memory. These home polygons are also a great way to get your baby away from TV and video games.

Indoor playground during quarantine

Children’s Indoor Home Gym – Playground Set for Kids with Gymnastic Rings, Rope, and Trapeze Bar. Great for Gyms, Schools and Kids Room