One of the main problems in this world is a lack of empathy, as well as many cultural and social prejudices. I write humorous picture books that bring across a positive message by encouraging empathy between all living beings.

The Not-so Crazy Cow

The Not-So Crazy Cow is a humorous, rhyming story about a cow who believes that the grass is greener somewhere else. Despite having royal treatment in her homeland of India, she longs to discover the big world. One day, she packs her bags, puts on her best hat, and sails from India to Europe. One wise stork tries to warn her of the upcoming challenges, but the cow follows her adventurous spirit to discover this for herself. Her journey is full of unexpected situations and very soon, the cow starts missing her homeland. This amusing book also presents an important question: who is crazy here? The cow or the world who treats her as if her life doesn’t matter?

An Unordinary Lion

An Unordinary Lion is a rhyming picture book about a scary lion who decides to break away from the cruel food chain that he is a part of. The lion’s metamorphosis begins when he hurts his leg while hunting for his prey. While he is lying down helplessly, he starts to look at other animals differently. This sense of vulnerability helps him review his way of life and he begins to feel empathy for other living beings. This unpredictable transformation from predator to a kind vegan creature is written in a witty way for both young readers and adults to enjoy. The picture of a lion and zebra feeding together is a metaphorical vision of a perfect world where all living beings live in peace and harmony.

The Snake in a Cinema

The Snake in a Cinema is a rhyming picture book that will make your kids laugh while teaching them some valuable life lessons: to not have prejudices towards those who are different to you, to show empathy towards others and to think outside the box. The main character, a snake, is the only animal that is not allowed to enter the cinema, but cruel and unfair rules do not stop her from attempting to fulfill her passion for movies. Thanks to her other animal friends, she sneaks into the cinema in a few different and funny ways. The brown bear who tries to stop her represents those people in the world who have prejudices and fears of the unknown. At the end of the book, this character experiences a transformation in an unexpected and hilarious way.

The Pig Who Made it Big

The Pig Who Made it Big is a rhyming picture book about a pig whose life suddenly changes after a film crew comes to shoot a movie on the farm. The director takes a shine to the pig and notices how intelligent and talented she is. She gets along very well with Ronnie, the director’s dog. An unexpected incident makes the pig realize that others regard her differently to Ronnie just because she is a pig. Luckily, not everyone sees her like this. The story is inspired by the true story of actor Branko Duric Duro who adopted a pig after realizing that the pigs that were used in a film he was working on were slaughtered afterwards, unlike what would have happened if they were dogs. This book highlights the speciesism that humans have between animals considered as pets and those that are not. It promotes the notion that all animals should be treated with the same respect and love.