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An Unordinary Lion is a rhyming picture book about a scary lion who decides to break away from the cruelty of the food chain.  The lion’s metamorphosis begins when he hurts his leg while hunting for his prey. While he is lying down helplessly, he starts to look at other animals differently. This sense of vulnerability helps him to reflect on his way of life, and he begins to feel empathy for other living beings.

This unpredictable transformation from predator to kind vegan creature is written in a witty way for both young readers and adults to enjoy. The picture of a lion and zebra feeding together is a metaphorical vision of a perfect world where all living beings exist in peace and harmony.

Dragana Vucic Dekic, Ph.D., is an author of humorous short stories, poems and picture books. She holds a PhD in humor theory and stand-up comedy and has worked as a TV presenter and a cultural program producer. Dragana is also a professor of literature and has launched drama workshops that foster a sense of humor in children. Her children’s books promote animal rights and empathy toward all animals while encouraging creative thinking to dispel the various prejudices that exist in the modern world. She has won an award for her humorous travel stories which are published on her blog,

This book, like all of Vucic Dekic’s other picture books, is suitable for children of all ages. It contains no violence or mature themes, no adult language, does not depict any drinking, smoking, or other vices, and does not promote consumer culture. It is intended to be wholesome, animal-friendly, positive family entertainment.


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