An Unordinary Lion



An Unordinary Lion is a rhyming picture book about a scary lion who decides to break away from the cruel food chain that he is a part of. The lion’s metamorphosis begins when he hurts his leg while hunting for his prey. While he is lying down helplessly, he starts to look at other animals differently. This sense of vulnerability helps him review his way of life and he begins to feel empathy for other living beings. This unpredictable transformation from predator to a kind vegan creature is written in a witty way for both young readers and adults to enjoy. The picture of a lion and zebra feeding together is a metaphorical vision of a perfect world where all living beings live in peace and harmony.


Editorial Reviews

“Young readers will enjoy this rhyming tale about a ferocious lion who was pretty ordinary until the day he injures himself. The story teaches readers about different animals that thrive only on plants and helps them to identify with the lion in how he showed compassion toward other living beings. Another moral of the story that kids will also learn is that you can turn an unfortunate situation into something positive.”

–  The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)


“One day, a lion hurts his leg while hunting for prey. While he’s lying there helplessly, he starts to look at other animals differently–taking note that many who only eat plants are still large, fast, and strong. Being hurt also helps him reconsider his way of life, and he begins to feel empathy for other living beings–and wants to make a big, compassionate change by going vegan.” 

PETA KIDS, The best books for kids that love animals


“Here is another bright and fun rhyming story for little children from Dragana Vucic Dekic. An Unordinary Lion  is a very enjoyable happy story, beautifully illustrated by Szucher Agnes. 

Let the Unordinary Lion (an unthinkable truth) be your inspiration.  Eat plants to save the world ” 

Violet’s Vegan Comics


“This is my daughter’s favorite book right now! She loves looking at the different animals in it and I love the story with the rhythms! Nice story to teach kids that it’s possible to not eat meat and still be strong, run fast, be clever, etc. It can help kids reply to questions asked by the non-vegan friends in a nice way, identifying themselves with the lion in that story.” 

Natacha Parmanti, Best 2019 children books for vegan parents that toddlers will love