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The Not-So Crazy Cow  is a humorous, rhyming story about a cow who believes that the grass is greener somewhere else. Despite having royal treatment in her homeland of India, she longs to discover the big world. One day, she packs her bags, puts on her best hat, and sails from India to Europe. One wise stork tries to warn her of the upcoming challenges, but the cow follows her adventurous spirit to discover this for herself. Her journey is full of unexpected situations and very soon, the cow starts missing her homeland. This amusing book also presents an important question: who is crazy here? The cow or the world who treats her as if her life doesn’t matter?

Editorial Reviews

“Despite being treated with kindness in her homeland of India, a cow longs to explore the world, so she packs her bags and sails to Europe. When she gets there, she’s neither greeted nor shown the same kindness she was shown in India, and she starts to get homesick. This is a funny and rhyming story, but it also presents an important question: Who is crazy here–the cow or the ones who treat her as though her life doesn’t matter?”

– PETA KIDS, The best books for kids that love animals
“A gem for tiny tots who will love the funny, happy pictures and pick up the subliminal message that cows deserve to be valued and esteemed the whole world over.  Don’t worry, the not-so crazy cow returns home safely at the end.
I think this book would make an ideal gift for little non-vegans because the story’s not overtly vegan but it sows a precious seed that might inspire them to question the choices of their non-vegan caregivers in the future.”

– Violet’s Vegan Comics US & GLOBAL 

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