“The Pig Who Made it Big” is a rhyming picture book about a pig whose life suddenly changes after a film crew comes to shoot a movie on the farm. The director takes a shine to the pig and notices how intelligent and talented she is. She gets along very well with Ronnie, the director’s dog. An unexpected incident makes the pig realize that others regard her differently to Ronnie just because she is a pig. Luckily, not everyone sees her like this.

The story is inspired by the true story of actor Branko Duric Duro who adopted a pig after realizing that the pigs that were used in a film he was working on were slaughtered afterwards, unlike what would have happened if they were dogs. This book highlights the speciesism that humans have between animals considered as pets and those that are not. It promotes the notion that all animals should be treated with the same respect and love.

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