1. Where are bananas grown?

The children were so excited to find out that bananas don’t grow in supermarkets. We must say, isn’t life full of surprises?

Bali, 2017.

2. We don’t need to eat with cutlery.

Western culture is very limited. We need to use forks, spoons and knives in order to be considered ‘polite’. My children have found out that eating with their hands makes food more delicious. They taught us a lesson!

3. Car-free island with giant trucks

We wanted to spend a weekend on the Greek island of Spetses because it is a car-free island. Well, car-free just means there are no cars around. It doesn’t mean there are not giant trucks.

4. Croatia: Hanging in the tram

There is no better way to travel around Zagreb than by tram. It can be fun and the children can practice being generous at the same time.

5. Bali: Street market

The children were a little bit confused by the mood of some of the street market traders in Bali. We had to explain to them that sometimes, people have a bad day. 

6. Wi-fi zone – comfort zone

If your romantic relationship is secure and full of understanding, then words are not needed.

7. What to do when a monkey takes your phone?

We spent a day in a beautiful area called Monkey forest in Ubud, where cute little monkeys live freely and happily. They’re used to getting what they want. It was a day to remember for many reasons.

8. We need money to travel so…

We needed some money to travel so we decided to sell our daughter’s paintings at a very generous price. Top art must be affordable to ordinary people, not just for rich ones.

9. Elephant rides

Riding real elephants is not a fun experience for the animal. Riding elephant sculptures can be a lot of fun though, for the kids and the elephants.


10. Funny museums

Archaeological museums can be very entertaining for kids, just give them a try.