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Bali: The island without sea

Bali is one of the most attractive islands in the world, especially if the airline tickets are down 40 percent in the middle of the tourist season. Bali is an exotic, adventurous and romantic place with a special energy that radiates from the people, fruits, and the ocean. Such is Bali that it is a perfect place to go for your wedding or honeymoon. We went to Bali with the kids.

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The Child President

Today’s children are raised to be presidents one day. Their days are full of activities from morning until late evening. Since the time they are a few months old, it is difficult to find a gap in their schedules. One grandmother told me she tried many ways to fit in with the weekly protocol of the future president of the state, her four-year-old granddaughter.

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How to see all Bali’s Animals for free

We ambitiously decided to see all the animals in Bali in just one day. The first place we visited was the ‘greatest bird reserve’, where precious parrots and other birds live, like nowhere else in the world. There are not only birds but also crocodiles and various reptiles hidden somewhere in the reserve, “Like nowhere else in the world” (as was written in a tourist brochure).

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Bali: The Shopping Nightmare

Merchants in Bali are the most abundant people in the world whose beatific smiles make you feel guilty if you don’t buy anything from them. Aura and Pia did not have to wrestle with such feelings. Clearly and very loudly they knew they wanted big, colorful hats because they felt they would die from the heat. In such a situation, we didn’t ask how much it cost. After all, everyone will agree that the life of a child is priceless. I see that other parents are also like that.

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Children eating sand

We spent last summer on the longest sandy beach, Island Rab, on the Croatian coast. With the naked eye, one can notice that eight of the ten children there were eating sand. Some parents observed that calmly while others were in a panic, taking sand from their children’s hands and mouths. The quiet observers seemed to be the more experienced parents who had two or more children. Parents with one child were those in a panic.

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Modern art

Every artist needs a Muse that will clear the mess behind him, and the muse is usually mom. So one day I was at my appointed task of muse, cleaning the walls while Aura painted the Sun and the Sea. The sun was yellow and the sea was blue. The sun was up and the sea was down. And silly me would have forgotten this marvelous landscape and ignored the artistic genius of my own child if I hadn’t noticed this news on the Internet: Painting identical to Aura’s sold for whopping 46.5 million in a New York Gallery.

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Mom the Muse

The Muses were the Greek goddesses of inspiration in literature, science and the arts. They exist even nowadays and people call them Moms. You can meet the modern kind of muses in the story Mom the Muse.