Things to Do in Sorrento with Kids

The kids were delighted when we told them that we were going to the town of mermaids. The name Sorrento means exactly ‘the land of the mermaids’. We went down to the beach looking for mermaids, but there weren’t any. They probably moved to the luxury island of Capri. We wanted to visit Capri too, but the boat tickets were very expensive. We had to pay 37 euros per person for only a ten-minute-long trip. It is easy for mermaids to get there when they don’t have to pay for a ticket. If you can’t afford it, you can read about others Capri experiences, like this one.

CAPRI- the island we didn’t reach Photo:

Pizza Fest – pizza making workshop

It wasn’t easy to explain to the children that there were no mermaids in the mermaid’s city. Fortunately, other attractions emerged, so they quickly forgot about the mermaids. Just that day, there was a pizza-making workshop for children and we were happy to join in. With the help of the pizza master, the kids shaped their dough with their skilly small hands. We were proud of our little pizza masters!

Orange Tree Park

The park with orange trees and a playground in the city center is a really relaxing zone for families with small children. The kids were climbing the tree and picking the juicy oranges. A picture from heaven. I imagine the perfect playground for kids would be in an orchard. I would plant fruit trees that ripen in different seasons so there would always be something to pick and the children could always climb the trees. This is something that today’s children are missing; vitamins and climbing.

Playground in Sorrento

Villa Fiorentina: Chagall exhibition

The orange park is located next to the Villa Fiorentino surrounded by the garden full of exotic plants. You shouldn’t sit on a plant, especially if it’s a cactus.

She is just acting

While outside of Villa was a cactus-drama, inside was an exhibition called ‘The Colours of the Soul’, that was entirely dedicated to a great artist and one of my favorite, Marc Chagall. My daughter observed Chagall’s paintings carefully and concluded that she paints better than him. If you don’t believe it, you can see one of her best works here.

When we showed her some Pablo Picasso paintings she claimed, “I paint better than Picasso!” I think that Picasso would agree with her because he personally said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Perhaps creativity disappears with education?!

Deep thoughts…

Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Italy is the best country for coffee lovers, but there is also an alternative for those who don’t drink coffee. Almost every bar and restaurant serve barley coffee called ‘Orso’ which tastes similar to real coffee. The words barley coffee (orso) and bear (orzo) are spoken in Italian in a similar way. We probably often ordered ‘bears’ because we were looked at strangely. We loved the coffee bar ‘Puro’ because it had swings for adults and kids.

Caffe bar Puro for all generations

Beaches in Sorrento

Sorrento is a popular holiday resort, but we didn’t notice any attractive beaches. There are only bathing platforms built out over the sea or small shores with black volcanic sand. Sorrento is located on a clifftop above the shore, so the beaches are not easily accessible and they are not the best choice for families with small children. BUT, there are some beautiful beaches on the Sorrento coast. We visited Sorrento in November so we didn’t care so much for the beaches anyway. Sorrento turned out to be a great November destination 🙂

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