On cigarette boxes, it is clearly written that smoking kills. On the packaging, we can see terrifying images of cancer and decayed organs as a result of smoking. People still buy cigarettes in this disturbing packaging and continue to enjoy smoking. I do not know what should be written or drawn on these boxes for smokers to put an end to their bad habit, but it would be interesting to see how customers would react when alarming warnings were placed on some other products whose frequent consumption causes serious illnesses. Although many other items have been proven to be harmful, there are no such horrible pictures and inscriptions on them as there are on cigarette boxes. If warnings are in the best interest of the health of the consumer, then they should also be found on meat and meat products.

How about we put fair warnings on all meat products sold in butcher shops and markets? It could look like this:

Veal leg. Put a picture of a calf on a piece of veal and write:

I was a cheerful calf who was forcibly separated from my mom. Mom moaned and ran after the trailer that drove me away. I had no name, just a number, feelings, a need for tenderness and a strong urge to live. Because of your decision to eat meat, I am now a veal leg you will eat for lunch. By buying this product, you are supporting the torture and killing of animals, and endangering your own health and nature.
Chicken salami. Put a picture of a chicken on the packaging of chicken salami and write:
I am George. I was a yellow chick. You can’t recognize me because they ground me up only a few weeks after I hatched. I never saw my mom or the sun or even spread my wings. Now I’m minced into salami. By buying this product, you are supporting the torture and killing of animals, and endangering your own health and nature.
Pork chop. In addition to the pork chop with a picture of the pig write:
I was Nela, an intelligent, curious, affectionate, and sociable pig. Because of your decision to eat meat, I’m now a pork chop. By buying this product, you are supporting the torture and killing of animals, and endangering your own health and nature.
Customers might stop and think for a moment about these brutally honest labels on meat packaging. They might feel empathy, concern for their own health, or for nature. It has been scientifically proven that eating meat is closely linked to cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease and that the meat industry emits more greenhouse gases into the air than all the traffic in the world. It has also been proven that the animals we eat were sentient, intelligent, and friendly living beings.
It would be an interesting experiment having authentic labels on meat products, but it is highly unlikely that the meat and food industries will ever agree to it. On the contrary, they create commercials that feature happy cows and chickens, along with irresistibly sweet yellow chicks posing as models on Easter postcards and jumbo posters. Although animal abuse is prohibited by law, those animals whose meat and other products people buy and consume are excluded from this grace. These false advertising scenes deliberately divert attention from the shocking images of tortured and endangered animals being mass-reared for food. Paul McCartney described this manipulation most prominently, saying: If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarians!

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