Visiting volcano Etna with Kids

We are among those people who live with their head in the clouds, but this time it wasn’t just metaphorically. We were literally in the clouds while we stood on the craters of the active volcano of Mount Etna. Fortunately, the lava was sleeping peacefully that day. We told the kids to be quiet so they would not wake it up. They took it pretty seriously, so we had a peaceful and relaxed time on Etna. We were amazed by the power and magic of this place.

The children loved to listen to stories about volcanoes, eruptions, glowing lava and how people used lava stones to make sculptures, buildings, and souvenirs.

Volcano Etna

While we were impressed by the big things, the children noticed the details. A bumblebee on the volcano! What is this divine little creature doing among the chopped chunks of grey lava? This sight of the bumblebee on the volcano inspired philosophical thought: We are all bumblebees compared to this great nature.

There are many things people can do on Mount Etna, such as cycling, hiking and running. We decided to walk up about 20 minutes to one crater and enjoy the landscapes shaped by the unrestrained lava. For that purpose, it is a good idea to have a warm jacket and comfortable shoes. It is difficult to describe a place that is not like any other place on earth. It was like walking on another planet. From this, we also concluded that there are more planets on planet Earth.

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