Things to Do in Modica with Kids

The most important thing to do with kids in Modica is tasting various vegan chocolates. If we ask the kids what their favorite place in Sicily is, it will be, without hesitation, Modica. This city has a magnificent history and architecture, but all the sights are overshadowed by its world famous chocolate. Writing about a family trip to Modica brings back sweet memories.

Don’t miss free degustation of chocolate flavors in Modica

Where to eat and buy chocolate in Modica?

Hypnotized by the smell of cocoa beans and exotic spices, we entered the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto located on the main street, Corso Umberto. This is a traditional chocolate shop that sells their own hand-made chocolates. 

We bought chocolate gifts for friends, knowing that we would eat them before we got home. Sicilian people actually must be grateful to their Spanish invaders because they brought from Mexico the cocoa beans and a recipe for this chocolate from the Aztecs in the 16th century. This ancient Aztec technique of making divine chocolate is still used by generations and generations of families in Modica.

Don’t miss free degustation of chocolate flavors in Modica

How do they make it?

The Aztec chocolate recipe is one of the best-kept secrets in the world, but some things about it are known. Modica chocolate is hand-made and has no more than three ingredients: 1. sugar 2. cacao mass and 3. flavoring ingredients such as pistachio, almonds, orange peel or cinnamon. We peered into the kitchen to see how they do it, but all we witnessed was just the last phase of packing the chocolate.

They use a stone called metate (like millstone) to grind the cocoa beans. Then they warm them and add sugar. These two main ingredients are mixed under 40 degrees so that the sugar stays granulated and the chocolate has a crunchy texture. The chocolate is poured into molds and left to set. Sounds so simple, but it takes some time to go through the whole process. Chocolate prepared this cold-processed way is healthier because it has more nutrients and flavor. If you have an unlimited desire for this chocolate after reading these sweet lines, don’t be disappointed; you can order some online at

Duomo St. George

After eating over 2000 calories in various chocolate shops, we decided to raise the spirit and climb 250 stairs to the church San Giorgio. This is a baroque church with a lot of masterpieces inside. We enjoyed the stunning view from the hill whilst deeply thinking about coming back down soon for more chocolates.

Church San Georgio in Modica


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