Things to Do in Agrigento with Kids

We spent one exciting day with kids in Agrigento, which is best known for its perfectly preserved remains of Greek and Roman temples, not far from the city. We stayed at the hotel La Citta degli Dei (The City of Gods) which has rooms named after Greek gods. We had the honor of sleeping in the room of Zeus, the supreme ancient Greek god. Well, we could only afford Zeus because it was down 50% for the night. That was really a divine discount!

Zeus room

Visiting Valley of The Temples

The main attraction in Agrigento is Valley of the Temples. The famous valley includes the remains of seven temples. The Temple of Concordia is one of the best preserved from the Greek age in the world. The children didn’t value the fact that these temples resisted earthquakes and weather over many years.

Instead of admiration, they complained that these ‘old buildings’ have no roof. To invoke some interest for the roofless temple, I told them that people were bringing all kind of things to the gods to please them. We played a game: If you were God, what would please you? We found out that some chocolate and a few gummy bears would be enough to please these little gods who would then allow people to live in peace and prosperity.

Temple of Concordia

The children showed much more enthusiasm when they saw the goats a few feet away from the temple. These are not ordinary goats. They have ancient blood, ancient origins. Girgenti goats are the only endemic animal in the area.

Ancient goats

On the entrance wall was written, ’Why don’t you adopt a goat?’ Yes, it would be great to have a goat at home. We could rent goats to all our neighbors to cut their lawn instead of using a lawnmower, and therefore we would have both goats and money. The children expressed a desire to have a pet goat. We had to explain to them that there was no place for the goat in our small car. We’ll have to come back with a trailer next time.

We spent only 2 hours in the valley because it was about to rain and as we know, the temple has no roof. But we could tell it was worth a long walk. There is also a place to stop, eat and drink along the route or to just enjoy the amazing and relaxing view while the children climbed the olive trees and ruins protected by UNESCO �

Agrigento Temples

Must see: Scala dei Turchi

Just 15 minutes from the magnificent valley is one of the most impressive beaches in Sicily — Scala dei Turchi. It is actually a stone cliff that has become famous for its white color and it looks like the famous Turkish Pamukkale. On this beach, we all pretended to be pirates looking for hidden treasure. After a long search, the children protested that there was nothing on this empty beach. “Kids, don’t you see this beach is a treasure in itself?” Their imagination was gone with the wind.

Sicily- Scala dei Turchi

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