A Day trip to Epidaurus with Kids

We have visited many ancient theatres (like those in Taormina and Syracuse, Italy) but the theatre in Epidaurus was really one that stood out for us. This ancient theatre has the best natural acoustics in the world. This means that you can drop a coin or tear paper on the stage and the spectators seated in the last row will be able to hear those sounds, without a microphone or speakers! Some think that the acoustics were achieved by embedding seashells under each seat. We had a small rehearsal on that stage and realized the acoustics really did work!

Epidaurus was a small city (polis) in ancient Greec

Epidaurus was a small city (polis) in ancient Greece

What an engineering achievement from 2500 years ago! The Japanese tried to replicate the theatre but couldn’t figure out the ancient acoustic secret.

Sing like no one listen to you

This amazing piece of architecture, carved out of stone, can accommodate 12,000 viewers.

The famous ancient theatre of Epidaurus was constructed in the late 4th century BC

The famous ancient theatre of Epidaurus was constructed in the late 4th century BC

 The amphitheater at Epidaurus is part of a larger site dedicated to health and healing. In Epidaurus, the first antique hospital, ‘Asclepion’, was founded and it was the most popular health center of ancient times.

Medical instruments at the Archeological museum in Epidaurus

Theatre also was the place of healing. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, defining the tragedy in his Poetics, described the catharsis as a purification of emotions.

If you travel to Greece, you might find some inspiration in our travel stories, because we aim to look at things from a unique point of view.

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