Things to Do in Spetses with Kids

One of the reasons we decided to visit Spetses with kids is that Spetses is a car-free islands. But we were kind of surprised  …

Giant trucks at the no-car island

Many would agree that Spetses is one of the most wonderful islands in Greece, known for its lush landscapes, traditional architecture, turquoise waters, legendary history, fancy prices, and terrible noises. Actually, car traffic is forbidden on the island, but it seems that motorcycles are not counted.

There are more motorcycles in the streets than mosquitos. The only difference is that mosquitos don’t make such a terrible noise. Their ‘zzzzzzz’ sounds like zen compared to the ‘brrrrrrmmm, brrrrmmm’ sound of motorcycles. You can sit two meters from the sea but you will barely hear the sound of the waves because of this ‘brrrmmmmmm brmmmmm’. Maybe Spetses is good for pensioners who have lost their hearing. A tourist slogan for this island could be: ‘Come to Spetses if you don’t have good hearing and you will enjoy peace and quiet there’. Brmmmm brmmmm….

Motorcycles all around

If you think motorcycles cannot ruin your holiday because you are focused on positive things, don’t celebrate so soon. Don’t be surprised if a giant truck appears in front of you while you are jauntily walking through a small alley. Wait a minute? I thought that cars were forbidden on the island? Oh, ok, giant trucks are not cars so actually, it’s ok. They should put the trucks on some postcards. It’s a real attraction, especially if you have little boys. They are mostly crazy about trucks and motorcycles. They would be delighted to spend a summer on the island with giant trucks!


No pasarán! Ops, How are we going to pass by …

Well, it is not as terrible as it looks. I bet there are less traffic and noise out of the high tourist season. If you visit Spetses when no one else comes, let’s say in late January or February, it will be quieter but the sea will be cold and maybe it will snow.

If she was alive, it would be different

The most famous person at Spetses is a woman, Bouboulina Laskarini, who lead Greeks into the war of Independence. She was the only woman who got the rank of admiral in the Russian navy because she was also involved in the Russian-Turkish War. If she was alive, her revolutionary spirit wouldn’t let trucks and motorcycles make such an awful noise on the island.

Bouboulina Laskarini: You can’t miss seeing her statue on the waterfront at Poseidon square.

If you are curious about her heroic life and the history of Spetses, you can visit the Bouboulina Museum dedicated to this Greek heroine. In front of the museum is a large playground, so the children can combine pleasure with boredom.

Playground in front of Bouboulina Museum

Hotel Poseidonion

Spetses is an island of glamour which is reflected in its architecture, fashionable villas, and modern hotels. The most glamorous is the Hotel Poseidonion with 20 stars. Some Hollywood celebrities loved to spend summer time here, like Marilyn Monroe and Elisabeth Taylor. If you support this blog, we could also book a royal room there. Thank you!

Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Spetses has two harbors; the new one and the old one. In the New Harbour, you have coffee shops, bars, tavernas, and luxury boutiques for those who don’t mind paying thousands of dollars for swimming suits; and that’s just the upper part. The old harbor is a different story. It is the most picturesque part of the island, keeping the spirit of ancient times.

The Old Harbor

In the old harbor, you will see classical and modern buildings framed by the natural landscape and some old traditional ships.

Walking on the wall

Best Beaches in Spetses

There is a nice pebble beach in the center of town but no-one has had the idea yet to rent out sun umbrellas. Well, there is one small tree that provides some shade but two local cats already made a reservation there. Here is a list of top 8 beaches on Spetses.

The beach in town

Cats of Spetses

By the way, we have noticed that cats are a particular favorite on the island. I do not know if Greece has a policy of cat-care, but everyone takes good care of them. These kitties live in front of the best-rated restaurants and have an all-inclusive breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. We might have envied them a little because unlike them, we can only afford to eat in the bakery.

Adorable kitties of Spetses

Adorable kitties of Spetses

Cats in Spetses have a much better life than horses because the horses stand all day in the sun. You can hire a horse carriage to take you to the nearest pebble beach with umbrellas for 10 euros. We would rather walk for 20 minutes to save our money for ice-cream and show empathy for those horses because they must feel frustrated when seeing motorcycles run faster than them.

Here is a list of top 8 beaches on Spetses. If you like islands without traffic where there is really no traffic and no noise, we strongly recommend the island of Hydra.

5 things to see in Spaces:

Dapia Square – the heart of touristic life on the island with many tavernas, cafeterias, and pastry stores.

Bouboulina Museum – dedicated to heroine Bouboulina Laskarini, the most famous female fighter of the Greek Revolution.

The old harbor – gorgeous villas, old ships, romantic promenade, and seaside restaurants.

Church of Panagia Armata – a huge painting of Koutisis that uniquely depicts the 1822 sea battle against the Turks.

Spetses Museum – exhibits date back to the Classical, the Roman and the Byzantine period as well as the 19th century Greek Revolution.

If you travel to Greece, you might find some inspiration in our travel stories, because we aim to look at things from a unique point of view.