Four fabulous and famous pigs

People don’t want to know much about pigs because they are aware that it could then be harder to eat someone you know. It could be difficult for them to eat a pig if they knew that pigs could be artists, therapists, detectives, actors, and finally, companions. Who could eat a painter or an actor without remorse?! It is impossible to imagine that all parts of a pig are found in hundreds of products that people consume and use. About 1.5 million pigs are killed every year, and some have been lucky enough to escape that fate and show the world that pigs are indeed amazing creatures. Let’s meet a pig artist, pig therapist, pig policewoman, and pig actor.

Pig artist: Pigcasso

One of the most famous pigs in the world is an artist. Her name is Pigcasso. Art connoisseurs studied her paintings and called it abstract expressionism. They say that her painting style depends on her mood, “like any real great artist.” This talented pig was rescued in 2016 from a slaughterhouse at the last minute by activist Joanne Lefson, founder of Shelter Farm in South Africa. Since she arrived at the shelter, she has shown a strong desire to have a brush in her mouth. She chewed everything else, like balls and other toys, however, she was careful with paintbrushes. Lefson and her colleagues came up with the idea of putting a canvas and paints in front of her just to see what would happen next. They were surprised to see that the pig knew what to do with the brushes; immediately, she started painting. Over time, the story of her gift spread, and people who wanted to have her paintings on their walls came forward. Today, these paintings are so sought after that Pigcasso has her own gallery, and the artwork reaches prices from $4,000 to about $26,000. All earnings are intended for the protection of animals.

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Pig therapist: LiLou

Therapy dogs can be met at airports, but pigs have also shown how they can be great therapists, just like dogs. The most famous pig working as a therapist at an airport is named LiLou. She helps people get rid of their fear of flying. At San Francisco airport, she helps passengers ease their stress, nervousness, and fears of flying. LiLou is part of a program that includes other therapeutic animals. She goes through metal detectors and walks in the waiting rooms, sniffing and greeting all passengers. Tatyana Danilova, with whom the pig lives, says that people do not normally have the opportunity to cuddle a pig. Contact with LiLou helps passengers divert their thoughts away from their trips as they often want to take selfies with her instead. She makes them smile and always arouses positive emotions. LiLiu has her own bed and daily routine that includes walks around the neighborhood. She seems to also be vegan because she eats organic vegetables and protein balls.

LiLou is a four-year-old pig and is the only non-canine member of the “wag brigade” at San Francisco International Airport. (Source: Tatyana Danilova)

Pig policewoman: Luise

Pigs have developed a perfect sense of smell because in the past they had to dig and guard their area in order to feed themselves. Pigs have over three billion olfactory cells activated in their muzzles. One of the most famous pigs who helped the police in finding drugs and explosives was (wild boar) Luise from Germany. Although a little fat, she was persistent. Louise helped the police find hashish, heroin, and cocaine, which is a special and rare kind of success given the fact that cocaine has almost no smell. Her police engagement lasted three years after which she retired and had her own family at an animal shelter. She passed away but left a historical example of how pigs can do anything that dogs can do, and even more. Let it be known that she also acted in a crime series as well.

The wild boar Luise was the first trained pig in the world to be in the police service. It is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Pig actor: Stella

Stella is a pig who is the protagonist of a story based on a true event about a film director who adopted a pig. She lived an ordinary pig life on a country farm until a film crew arrived there one day. As soon as the director saw her, he knew that she too had to appear in the film. He didn’t expect her to act but to be natural. The entire film crew was thrilled with her and she befriended the director’s dog. You can read what happened to her in the story “The Pig Who Made It Big.” Stella shows her readers that pigs are very intelligent and social animals and that they love attention and like to play. If you are told that you are as smart as a pig, take that as a compliment because a series of scientific experiments have proven how intelligent pigs are. Stella the pig also shows us that pigs can laugh, cry, get angry, and that they have the ability to feel and suffer. They especially suffer when their young are taken away because pigs are very caring mothers who sing lullabies to their children. After such a traumatic event, pigs are so sad that they even refuse food. Here you can read about other fabulous and famous pigs who have their own Facebook and Instagram profiles. They use their fame to sensitise the world towards pigs and other animals that people eat without first knowing anything about them.

From the book: The Pig Who Made It Big