Day trip to Sarande with kids

There are many reasons why visit Sarande, the most famous city on the Albanian coast. Beautiful beaches, clean sea, natural phenomenon, historical sights and very affordable prices of food and accommodation. But what to do if it is raining? Since we couldn’t swim so we just walked by the long waterfront with umbrellas.

One umbrella for 4 of us

Best Beaches in Sarande

There are two beaches in the town that seems to be very clean but they are too close to the port. If you want more peaceful and relaxing beaches, you will find them out of town. Along the beach are placed artistic sculptures, made of stone. I loved them, but I wish there were some palm-trees instead. I guess it is not easy to admire pieces of art during a hot summer day. It could be Michelangelo but sculpture doesn’t offer a much shade which you might consider of high importance under 40 degree. There is no reason for panic because you can rent beach chairs and an umbrella for less than 4 EUROS, for 2 persons.


Most tourists go swimming in small tourist places with nice beaches such as Ksamil, a short drive from Sarande. The prices of accommodation and food are somewhat bigger, but it is also more beautiful and the atmosphere is much relaxing.

The beach in Ksamil

Where to eat in Ksamil?

Great place to have dinner in Ksamil is a sea view restaurant in Hotel Luxury. It is a few steps from the beach and offers traditional vegan dishes with local vegetables. Or maybe the Chief just spoiled us because we were the only guests that evening.

Mirror beach

One of the most attractive beaches in Ksamil is Mirror beach (Albanian Pasquara).  If you try to look deeply at your self in this “mirror”, you will probably see some fish. But don’t worry, you didn’t turn in to a fish. It is called Mirror only because the sea is so clear.

Mirror beach Ksamil

Mirror beach

Attractions nearby Sarande: The Blue Eye – natural phenomena

Two main attraction to visit nearby Sarande definitely are: archeological park of Butrint with one of the best-preserved ancient theatres in Albania and natural phenomena The Blue Eye. We love ancient theaters, but not so much to look at them in the rain.

In front of the water spring the Ble Eye

There is a place in the world which supernatural beauty cant be ruined even by rainy day. The Blue Eye (Albanian: Syri i kaltër) is with good reason the most popular tourist destination in southern Albania. It is breathtaking water spring with surreal colors.

The Blue Eye is one of the most beautiful sights in Southern Albania

The Blue Eye is one of the most beautiful sights in Southern Albania

The clear blue water of the river bubbles forth from a stunning, more than the fifty-meter-deep pool. Well, divers reached to fifty meters, but it is still undiscovered what real depth of the karst hole is. This magic water spring is surrounded by the lush forest of hazelnuts, walnuts, cherries, pines and fir trees which makes you feel like entering some fairytale scene. This heavenly colors of the river will provoke you to jump in and swim. Before you decide to dive into the water paradise, you should know it is only 10 degrees, if not less. There is an Albanian legend about how was the Blue Eye Water Spring created. Albanian children know the story of the giant snake that crossed the entire mountain and left his trace that is still visible.

If you travel to Albania, you might find some inspiration in our travel stories, because we try to look at things from the new point of view.