Vatican: The Pope was not at home

The Vatican is the smallest state in the world, but it takes you an eternity to explore it. We started with visiting the Vatican museum on the last Sunday of the month because it’s a freeticket day. When something is free, the line is always very long. However, we skipped the line because we were with our kids.

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Hydra: an ideal island for depressed people

Hydra is a small Greek island just 2 hours away from Athens and is an ideal weekend getaway or a one-day destination. When I say that it is an ‘ideal one-day destination’ it doesn’t mean that it is boring, it just means that it is pretty expensive. Actually, it is an ideal ‘lifelong destination’. Leonard Cohen, Mick Jagger, Henry Miller and many other rich and famous fell in love with Hydra and bought houses here.

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In Delphi, we found out who will win the football World Cup!

We visited the most popular Greek oracle in Delphi to find out who will win the world cup. In the ancient world, prophecies were very popular. The most prominent prophecy happened in Delphi at the Temple of the God Apollo, located on the slopes of the Parnas Mountains in Central Greece. It was worth the 2.5-hour drive from Athens, not only to see the ruins but to get some important answers.

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Food and Art

Musician and chef Lisa Spykers can play Mozart on the piano and also create vegan masterpieces in the kitchen. She travels all over the world playing music and preparing a variety of vegan meals with local ingredients she sources, as well as making vegan versions of traditional dishes in the countries she visits.

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Lefkada – 100 shades of blue

It is much easier to get to Lefkada than to most other Greek islands because it is connected by a floating bridge with Akarnia. This Ionian island has a few of the most amazing beaches we have ever seen. Porto Katsiki beach is rated one of the most beautiful in Greece and among the top 10 in the world. People call it the ‘Maldives of Europe’.

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Sarande and The Blue Eye

There are many reasons why visit Sarande, the most famous city on the Albanian coast. Beautiful beaches, crystal blue, clean sea, natural beauties, historical sights and very affordable prices of food and accommodation. I could write a touristic guide what to do in Sarande while it is raining. Noting much! Since we couldn’t swim we just walked by the long waterfront with umbrellas.

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Skadar – a city on the lake

The main attraction in Skadar is the Castle of Rozafa, one of the most important historical monuments in Albania. The castle and walls are very well preserved, but that wouldn’t mean much if there is no amazing legend of Rozafa, the woman buried in the walls of Castle.

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Tirana – the city of bunkers

Albania was never on our list of ‘countries you must see before you die’, but it was unavoidable on our way to Greece and we couldn’t resist stopping for a Byrek at least. For all those don’t don’t know what Byrek is: Byrek (also called Börek, burek, or lakror) is a family of baked or fried filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough. However, Albania offered much more than Byrek.

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Sorrento – the land of mermaids

The kids were delighted when we told them that we are going to the town of mermaids. The name of the Sorrento city means exactly the Land of the mermaids. We got down to the beach looking for mermaids, but there wasn’t any. They probably moved to the luxury island of Capri. We wanted to visit Capri too, but the boat tickets were very expensive. We had to pay 37 Euros per person for only ten minutes long trip. It was easy for mermaids to get there when they don’t have to pay a ticket.

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Naples – pizza’s hometown

We could say we love culture, architecture, nature and blah blah but 15 hours long trip to Naples was for Pizza. The first pizza in the world (Margharita) was born in Naples!  My husband who is fascinated with pizza has been seriously studying for days where the best pizza is. The word on the street is that Pepe in Grani by Franco Pepe makes the best pizza in the world. The restaurant is in Caiazzo, just outside of Caserta. 

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Amalfi coast – hell’s road to heaven

Driving along the Amalfi coast, from Positano to Salerno, is both frightening and enchanting. It is frightening because of its roads with many bands. It is enchanting because of its breathtaking sea landscapes which draw attention from the road. I had to warn my husband hundred times not to look aside while driving.  – It’s not safe. I will enjoy the view for you.

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